The Basics: Permanent Makeup Needles

NPM permanent makeup needles are made from the finest 316L ROSS stainless steel. This is the same material that is licensed for medical use and commonly found in stents. NPM permanent makeup needles are also one integral unit. This means the needle and the cover body are one, ensuring the needle will remain aligned at all times during operation.

NPM permanent makeup needles are designed to absorb color and to release it only when the needle touches the skin. This reduces spills and ensures a clean, professional treatment. And, when the motor stops, the needle remains inside the unit. The needle and the roller are for one-time use to meet the sterilization standard for medical treatment. For more on permanent makeup needles, click here.

NPM Patented Needle Theory

NPM permanent makeup needles come in a variety of thickness, length, structure, tip type and material. Generally, there are two types of tips: a long tip or a short tip. Needles with a long tip are more suitable for creating lines, while short tipped needles are better suited for filling in areas and shading.

For acupuncture, tattoo art or permanent makeup, there are five types of needle thickness.

There are an unlimited number of structure combinations, but these are the commonly used:

NPM Line of Permanent Makeup Needles

NPM emphasizes needle theory. NPM will guide you as to which needle is proper to apply makeup to a specific area or to achieve a desired result. To view our line of needles, click here.

There are currently seven types of needle structures, where each needle structure has been assigned a different color. To view our line of needles, click here.

To view our line of needles, click here.