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PMU colors normally fade in 2 years. fading rate differ based on the patient skin type, treatment area, sun exposure and quality of the treatment. When using NPM high quality colors and less likely discolor or change to gray/blue. each skin absorb and reject differently the pigment.
HFS colors are more durable, designed to last 1-3 years and are more resistant to sun exposure.

Every procedure require different amount of color. For the most it is expected to use several colors for one treatment area.
Lip filling require larger amount of color and eyeshadow require larger variety of colors.
HFS we require to cover large area, hence bottle is larger 30ml and it can last for 5-10 treatment.

The uniqueness of NPM solution is that you can complete a treatment procedure in less than an hour. While with others you requires 3-4 visits of 2 hours each.
If the customer require a 2nd visit for touch ups it could be done only after the area has completely healed which may take up to 30 days.

NPM roller is made of 56 needles, designed in a unique shape, and distance between one needle to another. The result gives you the perfect look of hair follicle, with the expected density. The powerful Oron 57 machine, is design to give the power and vibration required to assist the roller to insert the pigment to the scalp and gain better results.

NPM powerful machine the Oron 57, is a digital machine build to do the hard work for you. Instead of sweating and working hard to insert the pigment smoothly and nicely, the hand piece provides you with great balance and preciseness, in order for you to gain smoother results with less effort.

NPM designed a full line of needles, designated to each treatment needed and taken into consideration the elements needed to achieve in each area.
The needles are build in a stabilized form and in a manner that the pigment is injected into the needle, and better grasp the color prior to injection.
Each unique needle shape has been designed to ease the practitioner by using the correct needle to the correct area. For instance 11DS is build to cover big surfaces such as lip filling, while the single needle is design to achieve fine delicate lines.
For more details, check our needles product page.

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the official delivery time is 30 days, small orders will be processed in the next day once payment is cleared. shipping method including a courier service to shorten the delivery time and to keep the product safe during transit

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the PMU ORON57 machine come with 2 years warranty. during that time any failure due to equipment malfunction will be treated in Canada or USA within 30 days, the customer may be requested to ship the faulty item for repair at his cost (local shipping), do not ship items without scheduling in advanced, unauthorized shipping may be rejected. see full policy at terms and conditions

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