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Everything You wanted to Know About Permanent Makeup Training

The art of permanent makeup or micropigmentation is exciting and a growing field. Tattoo artists, estheticians, electrologists, cosmetologists, nurses and even physicians are adding this specialty to their professional services toolbox. This industry offers flexible scheduling when working for yourself or for day spas, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists or dermatologists, and generates a high income with the average procedure costing at least $400 with follow-up visits of $50 or more. Permanent makeup artists can achieve financial freedom, earning lucrative pay while enjoying personal satisfaction by performing permanent makeup for people with conditions such as alopecia, scarring or to enhance a look or refresh a smile.

As with any new, rapidly growing frontier, there is a wide variety of training courses available and success is largely dependent on the quality of the training and the student’s investment of time. There are numerous training options available performed by people you may or may not know. Make sure you research the training and the trainer before registering and sending any payment. Consider asking these questions:

  1. How many students will be attending the course? If there are a dozen students, you may not get the personalized instruction you need. Less students means more hands-on instruction to learn the procedures.
  2. What is the expertise of the trainer? How long in the industry? How many procedures has the trainer performed? Request a link to a portfolio so you can review the trainer’s work.
  3. Does the trainer participate in continuing education? A good trainer should be certified. And since the industry is constantly changing, your trainer should be taking courses at least annually to remain up to date so you learn the latest techniques.
  4. Any references? Can you speak with a former student? What was their experience? Was the training sufficient to pursue a career in permanent cosmetics?

Review the curriculum so that it includes skin structure, makeup artistry, sterilization, health considerations, equipment operation and maintenance, pigment, color blending. Courses should teach you how to apply permanent eyeliner, eyebrows and lips. Look for client forms, pre and post procedure training and caregiving, chart notes, consent forms, documenting procedure with photographs and lists of suppliers of equipment and pigments should be available.

Once you’ve done your homework and have decided you want to pursue a career in this exciting field, look for a permanent makeup course that’s more than one or two days. You can, of course, enroll in a one- or two-day course, but these courses are more for fundamentals, and are not comprehensive.   These courses can provide you with a head start into the world of permanent cosmetics or help you refresh your techniques later. However, we recommend courses that span a number of days, incorporating theory, equipment mastery and hands-on sessions so you learn the latest techniques.

NPM is a leader in permanent cosmetics and permanent makeup machines. We offer high quality permanent makeup trainings, taught by learned instructors who keep abreast of the latest techniques. Our curriculum is comprehensive, coupled with hands-on instruction. We ensure you receive the best of the best of training so you can pursue your craft as a NPM professional makeup artist.

Our trainings include fundamental one and two-day courses and a full six day intensive training that covers all aspects of permanent cosmetics. You can take instruction onsite at any of our training facilities in Las Vegas, Florida or New York or learn online in the comfort from your home. We can even provide training at your site. Upon successfully competing the course, each student receives a NPM certification, which holds worldwide recognition.

The one day Hybrid Eyebrow course offers the latest techniques in hybrid eyebrows. This class provides training on eyebrow design, structure and mastery of microblading and permanent makeup machines. You’ll learn about colorimetry, skin type and which method is best to apply. You’ll learn how to create hair strokes using microblading and hoe to design hair stroke using a machine, and how to combine both techniques for amazing results. This course is perfect for the makeup artist that wants to perfect technique.


Our Hair Follicle Simulation (HFS) Fundamentals course is an introduction to permanent makeup and NPM equipment. This intense two-day HFS course offers professional instructors teaching you how to master the NPM Oron-57 permanent makeup machine. You’ll undergo a thorough review of the product and 4 hours of actual hands-on work. This course is perfect for the permanent makeup professional wanting to add HFS treatment to their service portfolio or for anyone new to permanent cosmetics who wants to learn the fundamentals of HFS treatment.

These courses provide the basics, but for deep, hands-on instruction, NPM recommends the six day Professional Permanent Makeup Training. The training provides one intense day of theory and NPM product overview followed by five days of hands-on instruction with the Oron-57 permanent makeup machine. This course incorporates Hair Follicle Simulation (HFS), eyeliner, eyebrows, eyeshadow, lips and art.

For more on an exciting career in permanent makeup, contact NPM and check out our onsite or online trainings that will help you kick start your career. Visit our permanent makeup trainings page or contact us for more information. Please note: NPM permanent makeup trainings are regulated by your individual state so contact NPM for additional information.