Permanent Makeup Pigment

The Basics: Permanent Makeup Pigment & Cosmetics

Choosing the right permanent makeup pigment is integral to the outcome of the permanent makeup process. NPM mineral-based permanent makeup pigments mix uniformly to ensure the correct ratio between powder and liquids. NPM color is specially formulated to maintain color over time and resists pigment drying. NPM permanent makeup pigments are available in 61 shades in 12ml size bottles so you can mix and match any sub-shade you desire.

Give your clients long-lasting, vibrant color by using only NPM permanent makeup pigments. Our pigments are made from the finest quality colorants and iron oxides available in the industry. Iron oxide is one of the most stable and common of all elements, is non toxic and is available in a variety of colors. Iron oxides are inert and there is minimal risk of an allergic reaction. Iron oxide is not only found in permanent makeup pigments, but also in traditional cosmetics, foods, medications and skin protection products.

NPM permanent makeup pigment provides excellent color retention and superior results every time. Our permanent makeup pigment is designed and tested by certified permanent makeup artists with years of color knowledge and experience. For the best results, use NPM permanent makeup pigments.

Pigment Process

Most pigments used in manufacturing permanent makeup are dye colorants that are ground into a find power and added to a matrix of a relatively neutral or even colorless materials that acts as a binder. A colorant can be both a pigment and a dye, depending on the vehicle it is used in.

Pigment ingredients are regulated by the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA). And only trust artists with a certification for permanent makeup.