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Permanent Makeup Supplies: Best Machine, Needles & Pigments for Outstanding Results


Permanent Makeup Machines

ORON 60 Permanent Makeup Machine

The ORON 60 offers an innovative design and unparalleled ease of use.  Initially, this device was developed to achieve faster results and higher levels of quality in the fields of permanent makeup and hair follicles simulation.

Simple to use, the ORON 60 features pre -programmed speeds, needles and treatments. Just select the treatment and the ORON 60 chooses the needle and the appropriate speed.

The ORON 60 provides ultimate visibility with its LED lighting at the bottom of the unit. Rest assured with the ORON 60, you’ll achieve consistently beautiful results. The ORON 60 uses the NPM series of cartridges, needles and roller.    <More>

ORON 58 Permanent Makeup Machine

The ORON 58 is a low voltage device (LVD), providing superior electrical safety and complete control of the needle power and motor rotation speed. This digital system is housed in a heavy aluminum, laser crafted body.

The operational handle includes a powerful, yet quiet aviation motor to drive the large combination of NPM needles. The handle enables you to adjust the height of the needles to support a wide variety of treatments. This unique handle design, coupled with the NPM needle, offers sharp, clean lines every time. The ORON 58 performs flawlessly, with no deviations from the desired design.


The ORON offers a pedal control, leaving you free to perform the treatment. When the motor stops, the needle returns to its place so when it takes the color, the needle remains whole and the client is not affected. Shop Here

ORON 57 Permanent Makeup Machine

NPM Permanent Makeup Machine ORON57 introduces savings in 80% of the treatment time. This means more spare time for you, and less suffering for the client. Such a performance achievable due to the advanced technology throughout the product design and manufacturing. ORON 57 system including the following components

  • Power and control unit.
  • Operational handle.
  • Operational pedal.
  • AC power Adapter.

The Power and control unit consist PCB with digital controller using Low voltage device Technology for improved electrical safety which enable to control the needle power and motor rotation speed. The digital system seated in laser crafted heavy aluminum body with chic and resistible design.

The operational Handle including the powerful and quiet motor. The aviation standard motor providing sufficient power to drive the large needle combination NPM has developed the handle and the integral needles help to create sharp and clean lines. The needle goes up and down into the same point and there are no deviations from the desired design. The handle enable to adjust the height of the needles to support the various treatments. The operational pedal controls the motor operation and free up your hands allow you to perform an accurate treatment. when motor stops, the needle goes back in place, and so when it takes the color, the needle remains whole and the client is not injured during the treatment. Tested for compliance with the following standards;

  • CE standard
  • Medical equipment EN 60601-1:90+A1:93+A2:95+A13:96
  • Medical equipment IEC 60601-1:88+A1:91+A2:95
  • Manufacturing Assembling under standard: ISO 13485 ISO 9001

Permanent Makeup Needles: Only the Best



NPM permanent makeup needles are made from the finest 316L ROSS stainless steel. This is the same material that is licensed for medical use and commonly found in stents. NPM permanent makeup needles are also one integral unit. This means the needle and the cover body are one, ensuring the needle will remain aligned at all times during operation.


Permanent Makeup Pigment: Broad Selection, Superior Quality



Choosing the right permanent makeup pigment is integral to the outcome of the permanent makeup process. NPM mineral-based permanent makeup pigments mix uniformly to ensure the correct ratio between powder and liquids. NPM color is specially formulated to maintain color over time and resists pigment drying. NPM permanent makeup pigments are available in 61 shades in 12ml size bottles so you can mix and match any sub-shade you desire.

Give your clients long-lasting, vibrant color by using only NPM permanent makeup pigments. Our pigments are made from the finest quality colorants available.