Florida – Fort Myers 10/23-28 Fundamental course


Come join us in our 6 days journey to become a successful and great permanent makeup artist.

Course price includes the following:

Fundamental course fee

ORON 58 device

set of 5 pigments that cover the must have colors for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips

set of 15 needles that cover the must have colors for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips

Practice skins

eyebrows ruler

eyebrows marking pencil

eyeliner marking pencil

lips marking pencil


Welcome to our Fundamental Permanent makeup course

This course will enable you to learn and practice the following:

Permanent makeup eyebrows – microblading technique/machine hair strokes/powder brows/combo brows

Permanent makeup eyeliner – top and bottom liner/thick liner/ombre eyeliner

Permanent makeup lips – full lip cover/lip gloss effect/lip contour/lip color correction


Upon completion you will receive an international recognized PMU artist certificate by NPM.


Course breakdown

Day 1


What is Permanent makeup?

Differences between permanent makeup and tattoo

Skin Anatomy

Hygiene and bloodborne pathogens

Color Theory


Day 2

Q&A from previous day

Needle theory

skin structure

types of skin conditions

shaping and drawing eyebrows

hairstroke structure

practice on latex


Day 3

eyebrows color theory and needles

powder brows techniques and practice

eyeliner color theory and needles

eyeliner drawing

eyeliner practice on latex



Day 4

eyebrows continued

combo brows techniques

eyeliner practice ombre

lips color theory and needles

lips drawing


Day 5

lips practice on latex

practice of all the methods learned in the course

hands on practice on models


Day 6

Hands on practice on models