GLOW 7 Permanent Makeup Machine



This is a pre-order. Delivery will take between 30 to 60 days. 

GLOW Launch Promotion – Limited Time Only: 

Any machine (from any brand, not only NPM) with a value over $3000 to $5000 and we will issue a rebate between $750 to $1500 towards the purchase of a new GLOW machine.  

For example, if you purchased a machine from brand ‘X” at a price of $4000, you will get a rebate of $1500 towards the purchase of a new GLOW machine. 

Terms and Conditions apply. Original receipt required as proof of purchase including the purchase amount.Rebate pending the modal,  condition of the machine and sending to NPM. 

The GLOW is the new generation of permanent makeup machines. 

  • Join the community: ask, read and upload. 
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Chat and get answers from different GLOW users worldwide. 
  • Online Training 
  • Automatic treatment settings, 
  • Needles suggestions for all treatments. 
  • Before and after pictures – upload directly to the machine  
  • Manage your stock. 
  • Shop integrated directly to your supplier. 
  • Purchase supplies directly from your machine. 
  • Calendar management: organize your schedule. 
  • Manage your contacts – add clients to your device.  
  • LED lighting.  
  • 2 hand-piece ports. 
  • Operate with or without a pedal. 
  • 7 inch screen

The Glow Permanent Makeup Machine comes delivered in a beautiful carry case including hand-piece holder, hand-piece and pedal