Hybrid Eyebrows Course – Thurs 25th to Fri 26th January 2018



Come and learn the latest hair stroke technique.

The course includes:

  • Colorimetry
  • Eyebrows design and structure
  • Hair strokes using microblading
  • Hair strokes using a machine
  • which skin type is suitable for each method
  • Hybrid eyebrows that has two techniques in one

You probably ask yourself – what is Hybrid Eyebrows? Let me explain in detail. Nowadays we
crave to create the most natural looking eyebrows, with density and color that imitates the
appearance of natural looking eyebrows. The word Hybrid means cross breed of two kinds, the
reason I use this in describing the technique of the eyebrows is because the ultimate hybrid
eyebrows will consist a combined technique of microblading and a machine that will use the
best of both worlds and heal to a beautiful 3D eyebrows.

In order to achieve the hybrid technique first we need to learn how to implement each method
by itself. Therefore in this course, you will learn how to do microblading hair strokes, machine
hair strokes and ombre (soft powder) eyebrows. You will also learn how to design the ideal
eyebrows, the pattern of hairs of different clients, color theory and pigment choice, Fitzpatrick
skin scale and needles theory.

You will also understand what method is ideal to each client, and ultimately how you can
combine the methods to achieve a realistic result.

This course is intended for those who are currently working in Permanent makeup and want to
learn the latest techniques and/or improve their work.

Upon completion you will receive an international recognized NPM certificate.

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