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This courses is conducted online, with Master Trainer Tamara Sachs.

Included in the Ultimate Bundle, you will receive the following:

  • Registration for PMU/Tattoo Removal Course
  • Oron 58 NPM Machine
  • 10 Needles
  • NPM remover.

Thats a total saving of $440

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Nowadays one of the most needed procedures is tattoo removal. Clients who had bad facial body tattoos and want to get them removed are tremendous and the demand is higher than the supply. This is a great and simple opportunity to learn a great and safe method to help those clients, and remove all colours. This treatment prices on average are $200-$500 per session. Typical client would need between 2-4 sessions. Body tattoos might need up to 10 sessions to remove.

People who wish to remove facial or body tattoos have the following options:

  1. Laser removal, laser removal scars the skin tissue a lot, doesn’t read all the colors (especially not the bright ones) and if a camouflage was done to the client it will spread the titanium oxide all over. Furthermore it breaks the metal molecules of the colour and therefore the metals get into the blood strain and end up in the lymph system where it can eventually cause cancer.
  2. Saline – using saline under the skin can lift some of the color.
  3. Glycolic acid – all the known brands use glycolic acid, I used to use it before too, the problem is that it is extremely powerful and dangerous acid. The healing process is much harder and normally leave scars

So what do we have?

We use a special formula of lactic acid. Lactic acid has the ability to lift more colour faster while much safer than the Glycolic. The healing process is very fast and simple. I developed special method that involves simple steps the clients need to do at home to improve the color lifting and process.

In the workshop, you will learn the following:

  • Skin types, layers and oxygenation process
  • Types of tattoo removal solutions pros and cons
  • What can be removed and how
  • Needles and method
  • What removal to use.
  • Natural removals
  • Removal after care
  • Common mistakes and dangers

This method can be done by students from all industries and backgrounds.

Once successfully registered, you will receive an email with the schedule for the day and how to log on to the online course.

To receive the NPM certificate, you will schedule a one-on-one session (included in the price) with Tamara Sachs. You will need to provide a live modal in which to demonstrate your practical understanding of techniques taught throughout the course.

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